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Do You Have Contingency Plans for Ransom-Based Hacking?

As IoT installations expand, so too do opportunities for unscrupulous actors to breach the systems of any company that relies on frequently updated data and requires a high level of reliable uptime. While motives for hacking are varied, one increasingly worrisome trend is a form of cyber espionage known as ransomware. Ransomware is a form of hacking that uses software to lock operators out of their computers or otherwise obscure data until a ransom has been paid – generally in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Continue reading

The History of Wind Energy and its Strong Future

The use of windpower for energy dates back to the use of sails for waterborne vessels, but historically, windpower has also been used for pumping water and milling grain. It’s possible that the use of windpower may date back over five millennia of human history, with the sailboats the Egyptians used to navigate the Nile. True windmills were born four thousand years ago in ancient Babylon, and were in wide us in the 10th century in Iran and Afghanistan for the purpose of grinding grain. Continue reading

Smart Home Automation and Home Security Considerations

It’s predicted that sales of devices and services for smart homes could top 39 billion by 2019. We’re on the edge of a huge growth in the smart home market, thanks to the increasing availability of remote connectivity, the ease of connecting disparate systems with a single gateway like InduSoft Web Studio, and the growing interest in the Internet of Things and the cloud computing necessary to power a smart home. Continue reading

The History of Automation: The Birth of Robotics

Automated machines designed to perform a specific task autonomously have likely existed since recorded history, but we are lucky to have accounts of some of the earliest known works of robotics thanks to works written by ancient Greek historians such as Athenaeus. In his work, he references amazing devices mentioned in now-lost written works by Greek mathematician and inventor Ktesibios. Ktesibios, called the “father of pneumatics” studied and wrote on the science of compressed air and its uses in pumps and pneumatic devices. We can only imagine what we would know today if copies of his works such as Memorabilia had survived. Continue reading

Symbol of the Week – Smiley Indicators

This week’s symbol set shows not only how to use color to indicate status, but also how changing symbols can be used to indicate information. Some studies indicate about 10% of men are color blind. Show status not only with color but with symbols too. These symbols would be great for production monitoring (ANDON) systems or Business Intelligence Dashboards or for any status indicators. Continue reading

New FactoryTalk Conversion Brochure for InduSoft Web Studio

Download the FactoryTalk Conversion for InduSoft Web Studio Brochure

InduSoft’s Import Wizard for FactoryTalk™ allows you to convert a FactoryTalk SE or ME application into an InduSoft Web Studio project and get the full benefits of a cost-effective SCADA/HMI software solution. Free your process from hardware dependent software and make the change to a flexible and robust HMI/SCADA solution without completely redesigning your application. Import tags, screens, alarm configuration, and communication settings from your FactoryTalk projects. After converting applications, you can also edit and enhance them, leveraging any native feature of InduSoft Web Studio. The import wizard offers you a user-friendly, cost effective tool for importing your existing process into a platform that will grow and adapt with your system. Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio Symbol of the Week: Security Panel

This week’s symbol for InduSoft Web Studio puts SCADA/HMI security options where they can be easily implemented and adjusted. This symbol offers a navigation button with security options and security information panel. This symbol for InduSoft Web Studio uses only native objects, for quick and easy implementation. Currently this symbol only supports users that are part of a single group. If a user belongs to multiple groups and you would like to use this symbol, please let us know and we can help you modify it to your needs. Continue reading