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Trends in Automation: Denmark Leading the Way in Wind Energy

Denmark’s wind energy program has just smashed another record. One of the country’s 720-foot-tall wind turbines just set a world record by generating 216,000 kWh of energy over 24 hours. That is the amount of power one American household uses in two decades.

One windy day in July of 2015, Denmark was able to collect so much wind energy that it surpassed the daily needs of the country with a stunning 140% record and was able to harness and sell the excess to Germany, Sweden, and Norway.

It is projected that by the year 2020, Denmark will be able to produce half its electricity from renewables. In the wake of the Paris climate accords, there is more incentive than ever for developed companies to shift focus away from fossil fuels and devote more budget and infrastructure projects to renewable energy sources like wind and hydroelectricity.

70% of Denmark’s wind energy comes from onshore wind farms which are heavily subsidized by the Danish government. It’s likely that such subsidies may be employed in other wind-rich countries in order to meet rising energy demands without contributing more carbon emissions to the atmosphere. Countries like the UK have struggled with their wind energy programs, but a working model of sustainability could very well provide the political capital to encourage subsidized renewable infrastructure.

InduSoft Web Studio is already playing a key role in wind energy production globally. As more energy production necessarily becomes emission-conscious, HMI and SCADA applications built around customizable platforms that allow remote connectivity, energy management capabilities, and energy metering will be necessary to make certain that energy production is done efficiently and cleanly.


Want to see how InduSoft Web Studio handles wind energy? Check out the live demo to see a wind farm monitoring application!

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