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What Raspberry Pi Means for Automation

The Raspberry Pi, and similar smart, connected devices represent a chance for innovation for automation. Now such devices are putting IoT and IIoT solutions within easy reach of engineers, and paving the way for learning and exploring new automated technologies.

What is Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a palm-sized computer that is available at a very low cost – often under $100. It can be plugged into a computer monitor or TV, and can even be used to run HMI software like InduSoft IoTView on almost any machine. It contains the same ports most computer use, including USB ports, Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, and an HDMI port.

Raspberry Pi is an easy solution for creating intelligent machines that can be linked together using HMI and SCADA software to create fully functional IoT and IIoT solutions. They have been used to create smart mirrors with newsfeeds and weather information, gaming machines, phones, and check-in devices.

InduSoft Web Studio and Raspberry Pi

Users of InduSoft Web Studio have already begun experimenting with the ways Raspberry Pi can be used to create intelligent embedded systems.

InduSoft Web Studio has been used as the platform for a remote HMI on a Raspberry Pi using Studio Mobile Access. To see how they can be combined to form an IoT system, you can view the full webinar.

It’s also possible to use the Raspberry Pi in large scale industrial applications, like this automotive production facility did.

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