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The Intelligent Building Automation Market Set to Reach 88 Billion by 2022

The Global Intelligent Building Automation Technologies, which reached $63.48 billion in 2015,  is expected to swell to an $88.27 billion industry within five years. Growth is driven primarily by factors such as security, energy efficiency, and sustainability. The rise of the IoT is linking more building automation systems together, in order to help facilities reap the benefits of interconnected intelligent systems. Examples include correlative data between traffic and use of facilities can help management determine how best to allocate energy resources and security.

An example of Custom Widgets in InduSoft Web Studio

An example of intelligent building automation in InduSoft Web Studio

Safety And Security Are Key Areas for Growth

Building infrastructure is being revitalized in order to take advantage of advances in safety measures. This includes additional protection from fire, earthquakes, storms, and flooding. Automation is playing a role by linking building systems with third-party data such as weather reports are forecasts. Automation will also play a key role in improving building security measures. Badges with bar code and RFID reader information will help management ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the appropriate areas of the building, and that guests and visitors can be adequately tracked. This data not only improves the security of a facility, but can also lead to improvements in guest and worker experiences and energy efficiency.

The Role of Intelligent Embedded Systems

Without intelligent systems, the smart building simply isn’t possible. Disparate systems that cannot share data will severely hinder efforts to improve building efficiency. By combining data sources, building management can ensure that individual systems are not working at cross purposes with one another.

If energy usage can be reduced up to 30% simply with SCADA scheduling, then imagine how much more can be saved when scheduling is combined with real-time data such as weather reports, HVAC efficiency notifications, data on building occupancy, and energy metering from solar and wind sources on or offsite?  Intelligent systems working together will improve one another simply by sharing data to and from one central repository.

InduSoft Web Studio and Building Automation

Much of the gains in sustainable building automation can be achieved with a combination of existing equipment and a powerful SCADA software like InduSoft Web Studio.  We’ve compiled some of the best examples of the kinds of results that can be achieved in building automation using InduSoft Web Studio below:

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