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InduSoft Web Studio Sample App: Embedding a Web Browser in Your SCADA/HMI Project with Navigation

Here is a useful sample application for InduSoft Web Studio that uses the Internet Explorer ActiveX object functionality in your project, which includes navigation backwards and forwards. No scripting is necessary. This application is suitable for InduSoft Web Studio. To build animations for devices without ActiveX support, we recommend using the custom widgets options, which are platform agnostic and do not rely on Windows operating systems.

First, download the free application: Browser with Navigation for InduSoft Web Studio

Read more about it in the InduSoft Forum

For this sample application, the ActiveX object is available to be embedded in a screen by selecting it (Microsoft Web Browser) from the ActiveX menu and then stretching it to fill the screen that your operators need to use. Navigation in the sample app is handled by a few Boolean tags:

bGoBack placed in the GoBack Method Trigger of the WebBrowser Control

bGoForward placed in the GoForward Method Trigger of the WebBrowser Control

bNavigate placed in the Navigate Method Trigger

…and a String tag to contain the URL:

strURL placed in the parameter field of the Navigate Method in the following format: “strURL, , , ,”

As shown on the figure below, entering a valid URL or abbreviation into the Value Display and pushing the “Go” button:


…puts the value “” into the $strURL string tag, then toggles the $bNavigate tag. The “<<” and “>>” buttons toggle the $bGoBack and $bGoForward tags which will cause the control to navigate to the previous and following values of the Navigate Method parameter.

Note that this control does have limitations and referring to Microsoft’s Web Page about using it in VB may assist you in using it with success. There are also many other resources about how to use the control available by using an Internet search engine.

Note: We also posted a previous blog post on using this control, and how to handle Java errors that it cannot process, as shown below, that you may also find helpful.


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