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Market Trends: Oil Prices Balancing, but Efficiency is a Top Concern Among Producers

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), International crude prices are showing a modest recovery from lows of $28.5/bbl last year. Now, with prices hovering closer to $48/bbl and holding, the oil market has shown a slow but steady recovery. However, prices are still nowhere near earlier highs, and new oil development opportunities in countries like the U.S. may change global output expectations. Continue reading

InduSoft Launches New On-Site and Virtual Training Opportunities

InduSoft has always been pleased to offer HMI and SCADA training courses in our facilities in Austin, TX. Now we’ve added a new location to our current training sessions, as well as more courses in Spanish. Now users can get … Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio Symbol of the Week – Button to Launch CEServer

This symbol for InduSoft Web Studio offers a convenient button to launch CEServer (Remote Agent) on a full runtime PC. Use this instead of launching CEServer manually. To use this symbol effectively, it’s recommended that it be placed on a screen that only allows access to authorized users. Continue reading

Packaging Trends in Pharma and Biopharma

The Pharmaceutical industry has been setting the trends for the broader packaging industry for many years, due to the strict safety and quality requirements set for pharma and biopharma products. With such a wide variety of products and packaging required it’s no surprise that the best practices of the pharmaceutical industry have often trickled down into packaging standards for food, beverage, and cosmetic products as well. Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio System Redundancy Sample Application

InduSoft has added a new sample application to show an example of system redundancy. This application was covered in the InduSoft System Redundancy webinar, and can be studied for a better understanding of how to set up a redundant SCADA system. Download this application, and dozens of others on the sample application page. Continue reading

InduSoft Symbol of the Week – I/O Faceplate Template

InduSoft is always busy improving the tools that make developing applications easier and quicker, and we want to share our efforts with you! We’re working on creating one new symbol each week that you can employ in your applications. Please feel free to modify and share these symbols, and tell us what you want to see! We’re always interested in hearing from you what symbols or symbol libraries you’re looking for. Continue reading

Companies that Don’t Take Security Precautions May be Liable for Breaches

The hack of Sony not only resulted in huge losses of data, but it revealed how poorly that data was protected. Now, employees who had their identities exposed as a result of the hack have banded together. A U.S. district court judge has given them approval to sue Sony Pictures Entertainment for their poor protection of personal information. Continue reading