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Companies that Don’t Take Security Precautions May be Liable for Breaches

As hacks against companies that provide goods and services become more prevalent, it’s become common knowledge that any company has vulnerabilities, and that any system may be a target for hacks like ransomware or espionage.

No system can ever truly be invulnerable to hacking, but it is incumbent upon businesses to take practical measures to prevent common hacking techniques. This liability is backed up by legal precedent that allowed individuals whose privacy had been violated to sue Sony Pictures in the wake of a broad leak of their data two years ago.

While such cases may not have any immediate legal effects on how companies store and guard data, it does serve as a wakeup call for industries that are complacent about taking the steps necessary to protect critical information. Companies handling large amounts of information – particularly those who manage critical infrastructure – cannot afford to be lax when it comes to security. With cybersecurity breaches a near-constant threat, it’s not a matter of if, so much as when a system will be tested.

Some security breaches are unavoidable, but it’s the responsibility of every industry to make every possible effort to guard the data they collect and store.  In the very near future, those that do not have standard operating procedures for adequate cybersecurity may be held accountable.

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