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InduSoft Launches New On-Site and Virtual Training Opportunities

InduSoft has always been pleased to offer HMI and SCADA training courses in our facilities in Austin, TX. Now we’ve added a new location to our current training sessions, as well as more courses in Spanish. Now users can get trained to use InduSoft Web Studio HMI/SCADA Software in either Austin, TX or Lake Forest, California.

Get Training Anywhere

For those who can’t attend training in these locations, InduSoft is also offering virtual training opportunities. Users can sign up for the virtual classroom for any of our training sessions. Virtual classes will be instructor-led, and will include a virtual environment with InduSoft Web Studio pre-installed and ready to use.

Sign up for either the virtual or in-person training sessions on the InduSoft Training page. Below are the upcoming dates for training classes in 2017:

Date: Location:  
May 8-12 Austin, TX *These classes are for Spanish speaking customers*
May 22-26 Lake Forest, CA
September 11-15 Austin, TX
October 2-6 Austin, TX
November 6-10 Austin, TX *These classes are for Spanish speaking customers*
December 4-8 Austin, TX


Don’t forget, InduSoft also offers free online training for InduSoft Web Studio that you can complete at your own pace.

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