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How to Create a Custom Pen Selection in a Trend in InduSoft Web Studio

This small application demonstrates how to create a custom pen selection dialog for a trend object in InduSoft Web Studio. It also explores some of the advanced features of the trend object. This functionality is documented in the InduSoft Web Studio Technical Reference Guide (Help Manual), but this application demonstrates that functionality quite simply. Continue reading

InduSoft Symbol of the Week – Mobile Access Dashboard Symbols

These symbols are a great addition to an attractive Mobile Access dashboard for InduSoft web Studio applications. They’re easy to read on tablets and smartphones and should display similarly across all devices for a standardized look and feel. Continue reading

Monitoring Water and Wastewater Systems with SCADA

Connecting SCADA systems to the RTUs used to monitor and control water/wastewater systems is becoming simpler, easier and less expensive. With drinking water distribution and wastewater collection systems often spread out over large geographical areas, automation and remote monitoring is crucial, and this is often accomplished by local RTUs, and local and/or remote SCADA systems. Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio Sample Application: Recipe Database

InduSoft has added a new sample application to the many applications that can be used to learn about InduSoft Web Studio and develop your own SCADA/HMI applications. The newest addition to the free library of sample apps shows how to use a database to store and retrieve recipe information. Continue reading

The Next Revolution of Automation: The Digital Mesh

Manufacturing has had a tendency to lag behind consumer technology in the past few decades, but with the addition of smart automation tools that are building in the connectivity that industrial machines once lacked, manufacturing companies can no longer resist adapting to new and emerging technology if they wish to remain competitive Continue reading

The Future of Biometrics as Authentication in Industrial Automation

The biometrics industry is expected to reach nearly $11 billion by 2017. Biometric applications are quickly becoming a highly-secure form of identification and authentication, particular in industries with a high amount of regulation oversight, such as the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare industry, and nuclear industry. Continue reading

Sample Application Update – Exchange Data Between Objects in InduSoft Web Studio

We occasionally get questions about how to read-from and write-to databases, grids, and .csv files. This is a small application that demonstrates the functionality of reading and writing from/to each of these objects.  There is an Access database in the project that has been populated with information from the Microsoft Northwind “customers” database which is used as the main data source.  This InduSoft Web Studio 7.1 application will write to a .csv file, which will populate the grid on the second screen. Selecting a row on the grid will stuff an array tag with values from each of the columns. Here is the sequence of how it operates (All the functionality is in the buttons and objects—there are no graphics scripts or procedures): Continue reading

Best Practices for Protecting Systems from Ransomware Attacks

As we learned last week, Ransomware has reached Industrial automation. With companies such as Renault and Toyota taking hits from the recent spread of the WannaCry ransomware worm (also called WannCrypt and Wanna Decryptor), it’s become clearer than ever that companies should have a protocol in place for safeguarding systems. There should also be schedules for frequent updates to software, which ensures that patches are always in place. Continue reading