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InduSoft Web Studio Sample Applications: Packaging and Conveyance OEE Signage

There are many useful sample applications for InduSoft Web Studio users to take advantage of. This sample application is a demonstration of a Packaging and Conveyance and OEE Signage application that features factory animation and modeling. Sample reports demonstrate Dream Report (optional). Production Line Cameras display line operations and simulations; speed up and slow down with the ramping/setpoint controls.

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The Rising Demand for OEE in Packaging

The packaging industry is one of the few manufacturing industries most readily able to adopt OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) measures to improve production. OEE monitoring can help packaging engineers and managers determine what strategies to adopt for future efficiency improvements, as well as directly impact micro-level inefficiencies such as bottlenecks and packaging defects.

OEE signage, like that used in this application, can be deployed to large monitors displayed above machines that can help operators make agile decisions without wasting time moving through small nagivation screens on a PC or HMI.

According to EY in “Unwrapping the Packaging Industry: Seven Factors for Success,” the inclusion of OEE monitoring is a factor in top packaging performers, and is useful in helping minimize availability losses, performance losses, and quality losses.

As the packaging industry continues to grow to an expected $975 billion by 2018, the packaging market must continue to utilize the tools available for measuring efficiency and taking meaningful action.

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