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Need a Shortcut for Developing Business Intelligence Dashboards?

The InduSoft Web Studio Business Intelligence Template offers the easiest way to collect data from databases without SQL experience. Using the business intelligence template from InduSoft Web Studio, you can develop configurable and customizable dashboards with the information you want, built-in security and PDF reports. Create high-level dashboards to make agile business decisions and maximize profits.

Through intuitive and customizable configurations, the Business Intelligence add-on enables easy retrieval of information from Microsoft Access or SQL Server and displays it in meaningful easy-to-understand dashboards. The add-on was built as an InduSoft Web Studio project and is licensed separately from IWS. The project can be used as a stand-alone tool, or merged with another project.

The latest version of this time-saving application allows you to edit queries for the Dashboards with the use of easy to create and update project variables that do not count as tags in InduSoft Web Studio

Configure and customize your dashboard information the way you want with only a few clicks; it’s now possible to create and configure your own variables (these variables are not considered tags, and don’t increase the application tag count) and use them on all your project queries.

This is an easy to use feature which provides a way to change all the dashboards at the same time with only one change in the variable value. Users can choose from different variable types, like Integer and Real values, and also Tag Name which will use one InduSoft tag from your choice as the value for the variable.

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