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InduSoft Web Studio Sample Application: Selecting Reasons for Alarm When Acknowledging Alarms

This week e are featuring a sample application for InduSoft Web Studio that will enable you to add features to your applications that will make audits easier and more efficient, and improve tracking capabilities. This sample application demonstrates how to prompt the user to select a reason for an alarm (from a pre-defined list of options) when acknowledging the alarm

Tracking and auditing is the primary benefit of this application, but there are several ways it can also improve your applications. The features in this sample application also:

–              Enforce consistent and meaningful explanations for alarms (abnormal condition), which can be useful in an audit to find the reasons for a failure and respective consequences (e.g.: downtime)

–              Offers the ability to configure a pre-defined set of reasons for to generate meaningful reports, allowing you to make decisions and set priorities to improve efficiency, quality or safety in an optimized manner. For example, it is easy to generate a chart based on the pre-defined reasons for alarms and find out at a glance the most common cause(s) of down-time, and quantify them accurately.

–              Helps pin-point necessary actions that are difficult to realize without an easy way to group alarm reasons through consistent pre-defined options. For example, finding correlation between a particular alarm reason and a particular shift may indicate the need to invest in training for the operators of that shift to improve productivity. Correlation between a particular alarm reason and a particular machine may indicate the need for calibration or replacement to improve efficiency or quality.


Download the application here!

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