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Hitting Renewable Energy Milestones with InduSoft Web Studio

wind SCADA

wind SCADA

Despite a shifting focus toward privileging fossil fuel production, the United States still hit a milestone in renewable energy this march, with over 10% of energy produced through wind and solar power.

With the push around the world to invest in renewable energy sources, the best SCADA software companies are tapping into the renewable energy market to create solutions that deliver production efficiency boosts that make wind and solar power even more competitive in a rapidly growing global marketplace. InduSoft has made great strides in becoming an integral part of all levels of the renewable energy market, from the smallest HMI and RTU applications, to massive server-scale SCADA systems.

Wind SCADA – Wind power requires a lot of moving parts, and InduSoft Web Studio plays a role in everything from power generation to the manufacturing of turbines themselves. From full SCADA applications with dashboards and OEE displays down to smaller scale RTU and HMI applications for each turbine in a wind farm, the scalability of InduSoft Web studio is part of what makes it a powerful HMI and SCADA software solution.

In wind farm applications, a SCADA HMI software may have diverse functions, such as charting and trending environmental information like wind speed, direction or gusts. In addition, wind farms should use efficiency-boosting tools to measure equipment performance, power output, or maintenance needs.  The powerful alarms built into SCADA software can alert Operations and Maintenance personnel to anything from excess vibration to bearings in need of lubrication.

Individual “small wind” turbines are monitored and status can be displayed on web-based applications that draw on data stored in the cloud in real time.

Solar SCADASolar SCADA applications are another way in which InduSoft Web Studio contributes to the generation renewable energy. InduSoft Web Studio adept at handling large scale SCADA applications or small scale RTUs that monitor a single solar panel. Renewable energy applications like those for solar and wind energy generation can especially benefit from remote capabilities and web based monitoring. Due to the remote locations of many solar and wind farms, the ability to monitor information without physically visiting a site can be key.

InduSoft Web Studio can be used to track information like energy generation, Wattage produced, or even how to angle the solar cell so that the orientation takes full advantage of the varying levels of UV rays in relation to the time of day and season.



Energy Consumption Applications – For industries interested not only in generating energy, but conserving it (and controlling budgets in the meantime) InduSoft has spent years developing solutions for monitoring energy consumption.  Monitor the energy use of an entire compound or campus, breaking down energy use for each building or room, or alert engineers to energy loss, and provide reliable historical tracking when changes are made. For example, if a university campus adds solar panels to each of its buildings, and then compares the rate of energy generated against historical trends of consumption, the university can easily determine how much money will be generated or saved by the new addition.

Hospitals, factories, or schools can benefit from energy consumption monitoring that will prevent unnecessary waste and promote more efficient use of resources.

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