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Debugging InduSoft Web Studio Applications from the Database Spy

The Database Spy window is a debugging tool in InduSoft Web Studio that allows you to: monitor and force values to project tags; execute and test functions; and execute and test math expressions.

Figure 1. Sample Database Spy window


The window contains the following elements:

  • For each item that you want to monitor during runtime:
    • Tag/Expression: Specify a project tag, system tag, or expression that you want to monitor.
    • Value: Displays the value returned by the tag/expression.
    • Quality: Displays the quality (GOOD or BAD) of the value returned by the tag/expression.
    • Continuous: Select this option to have the project continuously evaluate the tag/expression.
  • DB tabs: The windows is divided into multiple sheets, so that you can keep your items organized.
  • Scroll bars: Use to view areas of the Database Spy that are obscured from view because of the window size or the size of the current sheet.

Tip: The Database Spy is dockable, which means you can move it to another location in the development environment. Click on the titlebar and drag it to a new location. Release the mouse button to attach or dock the window to its new location.


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