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Sample Application: HMI for Solar Panels in InduSoft Web Studio

According to data from a recent Solar industry study from SEIA, the solar industry witnesses an average of 67% growth year over year in the United States. With solar energy accounting for 39% of all new energy capacity added in 2017, understanding the requirements of solar energy customers is important for solution providers.

To help with planning for the development of solar solutions, Indusoft offers a sample application that users can download and explore in InduSoft Web Studio 7.1 and above. The application has some useful features implemented, including:

  • Solar Panel Positioning Controller Simulation and Animation showing Azimuth and Elevation
  • Global Position Selector
  • UTC Global Offset list and selector
  • Studio Mobile Access (approved HTML5) Platforms

indusoft solar


Download the HMI for Solar Panels in InduSoft Web Studio

Or check out the application video:

Let us know what demos you’d like to see next!

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