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Updated Drivers for InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft has recently made some updates to some of our most popular communication protocol drivers. These updates bring advanced functionality to a few of the 250+ drivers available for InduSoft Web Studio.

Here are the drivers that have been updated for this release:

Driver  Name Version Description
ADPRO 1.8 – Improved and added log messages with error codes that are received from the PLC
– Improved creation of groups by the main driver sheet.
– Fixed issue when response timeouts caused wrong reads for C, Y and Y registers.
TWCAT 1.23 – Improved validation of responses sent.
– Also improved validation of responses when driver receives non-fatal PLC errors
SCHNE 1.7 Resolved issue with the driver taking a long time to initialize when using a large of number of tags and different XSY files

Download these or any of the InduSoft Web Studio drivers.

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