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InduSoft Symbol of the Week – Directional Gauge for Drilling and Monitoring Rig Operations

Does your directional drilling steering control system “cut it”? Directional drilling and monitoring of wellbore and other rig operations are increasingly automated, and this week’s symbol is designed to make that automation much easier. Road construction or bridge support construction applications and CNC drilling machines may all find this symbol useful in monitoring equipment.

This new “symbol of the week” by InduSoft monitors two axis positions or directions. Simply drag-and-drop this symbol into a project and input the Horizontal Maximum Degrees, Vertical Maximum Degrees and values for each and the scales adjust to fit. The two horizontal and vertical values can be supplied by the PLC, an OPC connection, database or any other data source.

Deploying an embedded HMI in the cab or control room can save energy and time during the remote control of drilling, boring, and mining equipment. Automated drilling drones, mobile rigs or conventional derricks using advanced drill string sensors can provide instant feedback of drilling conditions.

Using the unmatched data logging and trending capabilities of InduSoft Web Studio HMI software allows the drilling company to understand everything they need to be efficient. Monitor information such as azimuth, inclination, horizontal and vertical directions.

Keep the drill drilling. InduSoft has easy-to-use advanced features that allow you to design advanced help systems, complete with videos and on screen manuals.

Download the Directional Gauge Symbol for InduSoft Web Studio HMI Software

directional gauge

Name: DirectionGauge_01

Range: +/- 90 degrees (maybe more)

Description: This symbol displays an indicator (yellow circle) showing the horizontal and vertical position of something. Originally designed for the drilling industry, this indicator can be used for a variety of applications.


  1. These are made of 100% native InduSoft Web Studio object; no pictures.
  2. Independent horizontal and vertical scales min/max

Ideas for improvement:

  1. Add color, maybe red, when in alarm condition
  2. Make different sizes.
  3. Can be easily made to be an input “slider” to set target positions

Unzip and copy the .sym file into your Symbol folder of where InduSoft Web Studio is installed. This is usually “C:\Program Files (x86)\InduSoft Web Studio v7.1\Symbol” or similar. Either create a new folder or copy it into an existing one, such as “Gauges”.

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