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Using InduSoft Web Studio for Alternative Energy Applications

InduSoft Web Studio is an excellent solution for alternative energy applications that need to reduce development time and cost during project development or implementation.

Ideal for Alternative Energy Needs

InduSoft Web Studio has runtimes that can operate on some of the smallest controllers running Linux and VX Works, and utilizing SMA (Studio Mobile Access) on HTML5 browsers such as the Chromium Browser available for the Raspberry Pi (here is a video discussing this), and all runtimes and Studio Mobile Access clients have the ability to connect to other devices and data sources. In addition, the Studio Mobile Access screens can be viewed and operated on many mobile devices that support an HTML5 browser. Do you have a project that may scale drastically after implementation and proof-of concept? No problem. InduSoft Web Studio is ready to scale and operate seamlessly in the cloud, as an IoT or IIoT device or component, or connect a mobile device as needed, without the need to redevelop, or the months often required for certifying a custom app for each mobile device.

These small devices can be embedded into machines and devices used in a variety of different ways in the alternative energy sector, such as controllers and positioners for a many wind generator designs, geo-thermal and solar-thermal designs,hydro-electrical, ocean wave electrical generation, and many, many more devices that require stable applications capable of working with remote connectivity needs.

Additionally InduSoft has an ever-increasing library of free symbols created using native InduSoft Web Studio objects so that they can easily be modified for new or similar uses in addition to what they were originally intended for.

There is a large InduSoft Web Studio community that has already implemented many alternative energy projects and has discussed many aspects of their implementations within the various online webinars, podcasts, blogs, and forum posts.

Case studies and white papers, sample applications, not to mention blogs and forum posts are available discussing and covering a large library of subjects regarding connectivity, implementation, command and control, IoT and IIoT implementation (such as this one) are available online;

connectivity and cloud interconnectivity for many devices, project security, special linked-symbol building, and many, many more subjects.

These topics would be difficult or problematic to locate when creating control systems, SCADA, and HMIs, and unique objects in MS Visual Studio, C or C#, Java, .NET, etc. from scratch, in addition to the fact that security and device or user access control are already available for configuration by you and your users if you use InduSoft Web Studio for your control system and/or HMI.

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