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Sugar High: How Sugar Might Become the Next Jet Fuel

With demand for air travel expected to double in the next twenty years, and aviation already representing 2% of carbon emissions, airlines and scientists are searching for ways to make airline travel both greener, and more economically stable. Because fuel prices are tied to the volatile oil market, airlines are exploring bio-fuels that can be sustainable and renewable.

Some of the biofuels being explored are algae, soybeans, and camelina, but the fuel that has proven the most successful by far is sugarcane. Sugar cane can yield over 2,500 liters of biofuel per acre of land, according to a study by Global Change Biology.

Sugarcane reduces carbon emissions by 12% when compared with fossil fuels, and ethanol yields 25% more energy than its production, making it an excellent candidate for widespread implementation of biofuels. Brazil has been utilizing sugar cane as ethanol for quite some time, and has shown the potential for sugar-based fuels.

Technology remains key to making sugar ethanol a viable solution to energy needs. More efficiency in ethanol production and genetically engineered sugarcane may provide the cornerstones of sustainable biofuels.

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