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How to Rename an InduSoft Web Studio Project

When it becomes necessary to rename an InduSoft Web Studio project, many people think that all that is required is to rename the .APP file in the project folder. Is this correct? The answer is, perhaps surprisingly, that it is NOT the correct way to rename your project.

Renaming Procedure

You must rename both the .APP file and the Project Folder at the same time. After renaming and opening InduSoft Web Studio, it will be looking for a project and folder that no longer exists. You will get a message similar to this, if you were just working on the project that you renamed:


Simply choose “Open Project” and browse to your project’s new folder and choose the renamed .APP file.

What can I do if I already renamed the .APP file and not the project folder?

When the project that is being renamed is same one being opened by InduSoft Web Studio, simply changing the name of the .APP file will cause InduSoft Web Studio to think that the project is missing or corrupt, and it will create a new .APPstub file called whatever the previous project name was; then InduSoft Web Studio will stop with a message similar to this one, or possibly others:


Why?  Let’s say that you had a project called C:\Users\richard.clark\Documents\InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 Projects\Project\Project.APP and it was the last project that you opened in InduSoft Web Studio.  If you simply rename“Project.APP” to “Renamed Project.APP”, then the next time that you open InduSoft Web Studio, it will look for the file called “Project.APP” in the still-existing project folder, but it won’t find it because the file was renamed. InduSoft Web Studio will then create an “.APP” file stub (placeholder) named after the project that it is looking for (e.g., “Project.APP”) in the project folder that will cause InduSoft Web Studio to stop.

How to Recover

In order to recover from the situation, close InduSoft Web Studio, if it is open.  Simply change the project folder name (e.g., “Project” to “Renamed Project”), then when InduSoft Web Studio reopens, it will now show a different message that it can’t find the project:


When InduSoft Web Studio starts up with this message, you will be able to browse to and open your newly renamed project.

You can find your project simply by selecting “Open Project” and browsing for the new project path.

Note: Be sure to delete the stub file (e.g., “”) so that it doesn’t get confused with the actual project file later on:


Useful Tips

Hovering over the name of previously opened projects in the “Recent Project” list will reveal the complete path of that project in a hint popup:


Also, using the function GetAppPath() in the Database Spy will return the path of the current project in the “Value” field that you can copy and paste (CTRL+C and CTRL+V) into the Windows Explorer when you need it:

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