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How to Create Incremental Backups for InduSoft Web Studio Projects and Applications

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made in HMI/SCADA application development is not creating incremental or final backups of applications and projects as they are developing or when they are finished. Unfortunately, the high price for learning this lesson is sometimes paid when there is a power outage to the computer during the development cycle and the project that was being worked on becomes corrupt, or developers lock themselves out of their project or the development environment by incorrectly applying security settings.

Additionally, malware or hardware failure can unexpectedly affect the development or runtime machine that is being used, requiring the hard drive to be reformatted with all data being lost, or it simply becoming irretrievable.  If there is a lot of development work on a project being created, daily, or even hourly backups may be needed, depending on how much work one wants to redo should a power failure occur since the previous backup was performed.

There are any number of unforeseeable reasons why an InduSoft application host machine could become unusable, and with no incremental or final project backup to revert to or restore, the only choice left for these affected developers and engineers is to start the project over.

It’s really easy quick and easy to make an incremental and/or a final backup of your project!

Here are the steps:

1) Close (exit) InduSoft Web Studio.

2) In Windows Explorer, browse to the project folder.

3) Right-Click on the project folder and hover over “Send To”, then choose “Compressed (zipped) folder” from the menu:


4) A compressed archive (.zip) file will be created with the name portion of the file highlighted:


5) Either type the new name of the archive file, replacing the old name, or while highlighted, use the right, then left, arrow keys (or click on the end of the highlighted area with the mouse) to move the cursor to the end of the file name before the dot. Add appropriate nomenclature to the archive file name (such as the current time stamp) indicating that it is an incremental file:



How to revert to a previous version or the final backed up project

1) If you have to revert to a former version of your project, simply right-click on the archive (.zip) file, select “Extract All…”:


2) Accepting the suggested name will create a copy of the project in the same folder as the archive, with the incremented version name being used as the parent folder name for the project:


3) Inside of that newly created parent folder will be the original project folder and files that you saved at the incremental time:


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