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New Paper from IOACTIVE Labs Tests SCADA Security in IIoT and Mobile Apps

Research firm IOACTIVE Labs released their first paper on the landscape of IoT security two years ago. They’ve continued this research with a new paper released in January of 2018 titled SCADA And Mobile Security In The Internet Of Things Era. The paper paints a worrisome picture of the threat vectors that put both remote and local SCADA at risk. They study 34 vendors and reveal the percentage of those vulnerable to attacks like unauthorized access to systems or compromised apps.

The paper also lists a variety of methods for securing systems and mitigating these security risks.

If you don’t have time for the full paper, the summary offers helpful advice for securing your IIoT systems and offers an overview of the findings.

Paper Summary

To dig deeper into this topic, don’t forget InduSoft’s books on cybersecurity, which include advice for both IIoT architectures and more traditional SCADA systems.

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