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We are Listening! What We Learned From the 2017 Customer Survey

We at InduSoft would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2017 end of year survey. We’re working on getting T-shirts out to all of you! We also wanted to take some time and let you know that we are listening to what you have to say. Here are some of the takeaways we heard in your survey responses:

You want us to stay true to who we are

Many of you commented that you like the fact that we’re accessible. As InduSoft grows and improves, we promise we will do our best to try and offer you the same personal touch we’ve given you for over two decades.

You let us know where to find the gaps in our software

We find your critiques of our software just as valuable as your praise. By letting us know where we fall short, we’re able to spend time and development resources on filling the gaps between what we offer and what you need. Graphics, drivers, batch reporting – if you requested it, we’re looking into it.

You’re using our free resources and we aim to keep providing them

Most respondents told us they watch our webinars, training videos, and product demonstration videos. You told us you’re using the free symbols and downloading the sample applications. You’re using our templates to build machines. We’re currently developing programs to help us deliver those assets to you more frequently to help give you a leg up over the competition.

But we could do better…

We can always do better, but we especially hope to improve things that cause headaches for every person who uses or sells InduSoft Web Studio. We want to improve response times for support, help documentation, and tutorials. We took every comment to heart and we are making it a priority to make sure we give everyone the best quality assistance possible.

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