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Introducing InduSoft Web Studio Rapid Application Notes

InduSoft has been working hard to develop methods to improve the usability of InduSoft Web Studio to ensure it’s the easiest to use HMI/SCADA software on the market today. Our newest endeavor is what we call Rapid Application Notes. These videos take Application Notes to the next level.

Traditional Application Notes show users how to apply the full features of InduSoft Web Studio to their products by using the help documentation, web site, support videos or the support team and putting everything together to make the best use of your SCADA/HMI software. These Rapid Application Notes make that even easier by presenting the information in concise videos for streaming or download.

We are offering three videos currently, but expect to add many more. Each video is under five minutes long – perfect when you have a quick break and want to add more utility to your InduSoft Web Studio SCADA or HMI projects.

Rapid Application Notes for InduSoft Web Studio

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