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InduSoft Symbol of the Week – Plastic Injection Molding Machine Temperature Faceplate

When creating a HMI application for plastic injection molding, temperature set points and monitoring are crucial. This new symbol for InduSoft Web Studio makes it easy to get started.

This symbol will work as-is for many new injection molding machines, but as always, InduSoft Web Studio symbols are easy to customize.

This symbol is used to monitor the actual temperature in the barrel. Add copies of symbol to add more heater zones. For example seven different heat zones are shown below.

Features include:

  • Bar graphs and displays for Actual Temperature and Temperature Set point
  • Direct entry for the set point value
  • HiHi, Hi, Lo and LoLo limits change the faceplate red, pink, light blue and dark blue so they can be seen easily from the aisle as the operator or maintenance staff walks by.
  • Display for the CV%
  • Heater On/OFF for each zone is easily shown at the top of each symbol
  • Change the label of each zone/heater/band to match your naming convention such as “Tip”, “Nozzle”, “Head”, “Zone 1” or whatever text you want.


Download this Symbol for InduSoft Web Studio

Below you will find a chart for the custom property (tag) usage.

Name: PlasticInjTempFaceplate_01.sym

Range (if applicable): 0-1000 (maybe higher)

Description: This symbol is a temperature face plate used for plastic injection molding machines. Possibly used in extrusion machines also.

It has the unique feature of changing the background of the entire face depending on the alarm condition. Use multiple copies of this symbol to show many zones or heaters.


  1. These are made of 100% native InduSoft Web Studio objects, no pictures.
  2. This symbol was created primarily for use on a PC running on a desktop or server operating system, but with some slight modifications, can be made to look great on Embedded Operating Systems. You will should have “Enable Enhanced Graphics” turned on in the Project-Viewer settings.

Ideas for improvement:

  1. Alternative color backgrounds
  2. Add a “Standby Set Point”
  3. Show the range of upper and lower limits

Unzip and copy the .sym file into your Symbol folder of where InduSoft Web Studio is installed. This is usually “C:\Program Files (x86)\InduSoft Web Studio v7.1\Symbol” or similar. Either create a new folder or copy it into an existing one, such as “PlasticInjection”.


Custom property/tag usage:

Property Type Range R/W Description
Max Integer 0 to 1000 R/W Maximum

Automatically adjusts the upper scale for actual and set point bar graph. Also sets range for set point entry

Min Integer 0 to 1000 R/W Minimum

Automatically adjusts the lower scale for actual and set point bar graph. Also sets range for set point entry

TagActual Integer or Real 0 to 1000 R/W Tag for actual temperature
TagCV Integer or Real 0 to 100 R/W Control Variable Percent (no limits)
TagHiHiLimit Integer or Real 0 to 1000 R/W Tag for the HiHiLimit
TagHiLimit Integer or Real 0 to 1000 R/W Tag for the HiLimit
TagLoLimit Integer or Real 0 to 1000 R/W Tag for the LoLimit
TagLoLoLimit Integer or Real 0 to 1000 R/W Tag for the LoLoLimit
TagSP Integer or Real 0 to 1000 R/W Tag for the temperature set point displayed on the bar graph and in the numerical display. Can be entered by clicking on the numerical display
TempZoneNumHeaterOn Boolean 0/1 R/W Changes the ZoneLabel red if On, Black if Off. The text “On” or “Off” is appended to the ZoneLabel Text.
ZoneLabel String R/W Label at the top of the face plate describing heater band location. Can be static within double quotes or a string type tag


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