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Open and Configure a Generic Faceplate Screen in InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft Web Studio users occasionally want to leverage the power of Linked Symbols to build a generic object such as a custom motor control faceplate which may utilize a specific or several specific Linked Symbol Button(s).  The problem with using the same linked button (for example) symbol in the faceplate is that all the mnemonics in the faceplate will have the same name (e.g., the custom properties for each object will be identical).

Download the Faceplate Project for InduSoft Web Studio

Click here to see a demonstration video

For instance, consider the following scenario:

I have built a linked symbol button called “MyButton”. It has a mnemonic (custom property) for the Label Name called “#LabelName:” and a mnemonic for a toggle tag called, “#BooleanTag:” used to activate the functionality by toggling it.

I placed 3 copies of the linked-symbol pushbutton for “Start”, “Stop” and “Reset” functions on a popup faceplate. Here it is:

The problem is that each of the linked symbol button instantiations have identical mnemonic names (e.g., object properties). Now, I need to go back and create unique button symbols to perform each function (e.g., Start, Stop, and Reset) by saving the symbol under a different name, after it has been modified for specific functionality:

Now go back to the popup screen and select the appropriate buttons for their designated functionality:

In order to assign a project tag to the mnemonic or custom property configuration, I created a mnemonic file for each device (e.g., pump1, pump2, etc.)  and each custom property can now be addressed independently:

And when I open the Faceplate Popup Screen with the “$Open()” function, I can also use the text file (shown above is the Pump1.mne file, located in the \Web folder of the project) to reassign tags to the linked symbol mnemonics on the screen. The function syntax is $Open(“Motor FacePlate”,,,,,,,”Pump1″). More information about the Open() function and the various optional parameters can be found in your Technical Reference (Help Manual). Here is the final result:

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