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Why System Integrators Who Don’t Embrace IIoT Risk Being Left Behind

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Industrie 4.0, and Made in China 2025 are being supported by hardware, software, and government initiatives worldwide. Gartner projects 21 billion devices will be connected to networks by 2020. Hardware manufacturers are increasingly developing products with IIoT capabilities, while software developers like InduSoft are finding ways to connect that hardware to industrial HMI and SCADA systems.

Unfortunately, it seems that the field of system integrators is struggling to keep up with demand. As executives in industries ranging from building automation, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage manufacturing attempt to modernize their plants, many are finding a discrepancy between technology and skilled expertise in IIoT applications.

Plant managers and executives want the benefits of IIoT, which include better operational efficiency and energy management, predictive maintenance, or even the ability to sell maintenance and monitoring as a service. Smart devices are being included in a variety of end-point devices intended for consumers, and the ability to track and monitor those devices may prove a key differentiation between brands.

Despite the demand, there has been reluctance among many system integrators to fully adapt to the shifting IIoT landscape of Industry 4.0. This has left a gap in the skills marketplace that will only be filled by firms and individuals who can supply both the connectivity of an IIoT system, and the traditional automation expertise expected of system integrators.


How InduSoft is Helping System Integrators Bridge the Gap

InduSoft’s roadmap has been devoted from day one to making transitioning from one emerging technology to the next easier. With the release of InduSoft IoTView, we offered HMI/SCADA software with a core runtime for Linux and VxWorks devices (with more on the way) specifically geared toward making it easier to connect to smart devices using the same HMI/SCADA software platform already used by our certified system integrators. InduSoft has made sure to support protocols like MQTT, which are ideally suited for IoT applications. With our vision of “develop once, deploy anywhere,” we hope that system integrators who are nervous about taking the plunge into IIoT development can take advantage of a robust SCADA/HMI platform that offers them all the tools they need, the ability to communicate with anything, and the training necessary to give businesses the advantages they demand from IIoT-ready plants and factories.

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