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InduSoft Symbol of the Week – Gray Gauge

For our 33rd symbol of the week, we’ve got an attractive SMA-ready gray gauge that can be used to visualize temperatures, pressure, or other metrics!

Download this Symbol for InduSoft Web Studio


Name: RoundGaugeGray_01.sym

Range (if applicable): -9999 to 9999 (maybe more)

Properties: TagName, Max, Min, TagSP (set point)

Description: This symbol is one simple gauge that has both an analog and digital display for the tag value, with an indicator for the set point, and a text label for the display.


  1. This symbol contains only native IWS objects. It was designed and tested on a PC. It was designed to be used with the InduSoft SMA (Mobile Access) on an iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Ideas for improvement:

  1. Add other colors
  2. Add the ability to enable/disable the set point indicator
  3. Add alarm set point indicators

Unzip and copy the .sym file into your Symbol folder of where InduSoft Web Studio is installed. This is usually “C:\Program Files (x86)\InduSoft Web Studio v7.1\Symbol” or similar. Either create a new folder or copy it into an existing one, such as “Gauges”.

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