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MQTT and InduSoft Web Studio – Protocols for IIoT Applications

The Internet of Things requires disparate systems and device-level components to speak to one another seamlessly. However, this level of communication between so many different possible combinations of hardware has been a major challenge to the adoption of Internet of Things (IIoT) architectures. One protocol, MQTT is aiming to become the new standard in IoT and IIoT applications. Let’s look at how MQTT got started:

MQTT was Invented by Andy Stanford- Clark (IBM) and Arlen Nipper (Eurotech) in 1999. Originally envisioned for use over satellite links from an oil pipe line, the protocol soon became prevalent among Home Automation (Mouse trap messages) devices.

The MQTT platform is a publish and subscribe architecture that uses TCP/IP as its transport layer. For example, Wonderware System Platform, which also uses MQTT can publish information, and InduSoft Web Studio can subscribe to it and receive the information from the cloud and vice-versa.


A Push for Standardization

In 2013, International standards organization OASIS began officially advocating MQTT as a lightweight, open source solution for device to device communications.

Communication protocols for IoT devices must have a small footprint in order to work effectively with the low-powered devices that will be the core of IoT architectures, and they must be open-source in order to effectively communicate with a wide variety of instrumentation. This is part of the reason MQTT has arisen as an ideal candidate for an IoT standard communication protocol, and is already being used by companies like Cisco Systems, I.B.M., Red Hat, Tibco, and InduSoft.

A Gateway Software Like InduSoft Web Studio Makes IoT Adoption Easy

For a successful IoT Architecture, systems require connected devices capable of sending and receiving data. But that data isn’t useful if there is no way to collect and analyze it to make it actionable. That’s where software like InduSoft Web Studio can provide a powerful solution. Not only does InduSoft Web Studio support MQTT, but it also supports over 250 other communication protocols for every major manufacturer of PLC and controller. InduSoft also supports OPC and offers communication protocol APIs to make drivers for any protocol. With InduSoft Web Studio and open source communication standards like MQTT it’s not possible to connect to any intelligent device for IoT systems.

As devices are more dispersed and have smaller footprints and bandwidth, a small-footprint solution like InduSoft IoTView using MQTT protocol is an ideal solution. Imagine having a smart sensor with IoTView communicating to a broker via a satellite link. It is also idea for mobile applications.

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