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Microsoft Azure IoT and InduSoft Web Studio

AVEVA IoT Edge bundles InduSoft Web Studio and AVEVA InTouch Edge HMI with the Microsoft IoT management functionality to allow users to create and host intuitive, secure, and highly maintainable HMI applications for any industry on any Azure IoT Edge device.

What is Azure IoT Edge?

According to Microsoft, users can “Take advantage of IoT Edge to make hybrid cloud and edge IoT solutions a reality. IoT Edge provides easy orchestration between code and services so they flow securely between cloud and edge to distribute intelligence across a range of devices. Enable artificial intelligence and other advanced analytics at the edge, reduce your IoT solution costs, ease development efforts, and operate devices offline or with intermittent connectivity.”

The IoT edge marketplace allows developers like InduSoft to participate in this platform and make communicating and remotely managing edge devices easier by allowing users to upload their InduSoft Web Studio files to the Azure cloud, and then allowing remote machines to check instantly for software or applications updates and implement them in a matter of seconds!

Why InduSoft Web Studio?

InduSoft Web Studio is a customizable Human Machine Interface (HMI) designed specifically for the embedded and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) applications where a small footprint and cost-effective price are paramount. The compact footprint and full feature set enable OEMs, machine builders, and end users to create intuitive, secure, and highly maintainable HMI applications for any industry.

The AVEVA IoT Edge module allows management of the entire InduSoft Web Studio or InTouch Edge HMI application via Azure, meaning that machines across the globe can be remotely managed without requiring direct access to the device. Machines can automatically check for updates to the software or the application, ensuring that communications are always correctly configured, software patches and updates are installed to maintain the best security, and changes to the application can be implemented on edge devices without individually updating each one individually. This is truly a revolutionary change to how edge devices are managed for IoT!

*The InduSoft Web Studio and InTouch Edge HMI Runtime for Linux has a very small footprint and allows you to perform data collection from hundreds of devices from different manufacturers, publish the data to the Cloud, and perform local and remote monitoring with simple web interfaces. The AVEVA IoT Edge HMI runs on Linux amd64 and Linux Arm32. It requires a minimum of 32MB of RAM.

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