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Add a Backup Project Database to an InduSoft Web Studio Application

Depending on an application’s needs, configuration, and requirements, it may be necessary to configure a backup database for the Project Default.  This procedure is very simple and there are two modes available for the operation of the databases.

At the time that you configure your primary default database (Figure 1), you can also define a secondary database in addition to the database behavior modes.

Figure 1: Open Project Settings then push the “Default Database” Button.


To configure the secondary database, pull down the database menu and select “Secondary” (Figure 2).

Figure 2: In order to select the secondary database configurator, select “Secondary” in the Database pull-down.

When the Secondary Database is selected in the configurator, a “Type” menu pull-down will appear.  The default setting “Disabled” will disable the secondary database but leave it configured.  The two operating modes for the Secondary Database are “Redundant” and “Store and Forward” (Figure 3).

Figure 3: In the “Type” pull-down, the secondary database can be disabled or the operating mode can be chosen.

The “Redundant” mode backs up the data in the primary database to the secondary database.  Additionally, if either database goes offline, then data is stored in the online one until they are both back online, then both databases are synchronized to the most current one.

The “Store and Forward” mode operates almost exactly the same way, except that the secondary database is used if the primary goes offline, then when it is back online, the primary database is synchronized with the secondary, and data is once again stored only in the primary.

More information on these settings can be found in the Help Manual in Contents >> Creating a New Project >> Configuring Additional Project Settings >> Options Tab >> Database Configuration (Figure 4).

Figure 4: IWS Help Manual: Database Configuration

Additionally, a Webinar on detailed Database Connectivity and Redundancy, describing these settings in detail, database redundancy, along with how the mechanism works, is located here: Database Connectivity and Redundancy Webinar Video

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