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InduSoft Web Studio 8.1 Service Pack Two Available for Download

InduSoft web Studio version 8.1 + SP2 is out and ready to download! This new version of InduSoft HMI/SCADA software brings some great new features and robust cybersecurity enhancements to offer you the best version of InduSoft Web Studio yet!

Download InduSoft Web Studio 8.1 + SP2

What’s new in InduSoft Web Studio 8.1 + SP2

  • New Remote Support tool adds Team Viewer-like remote capabilities without third party applications
  • Cybersecurity enhancements
  • PanelMate Import Wizard control improvements
  • Rotate Linked Pictures (Development Environment)
  • New built-in Exec() function compatible with IoTView on Linux
  • Improved screen switch performance on SMA Thin Clients (HTML5)
  • Native Thin Client Apps for Android and iOS

SCADA/HMI Security in InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft Web Studio was built with security in mind, and we want our customers to have security in mind when developing SCADA/HMI applications, regardless of industry. The best way to ensure that your HMI or SCADA application is as secure and stable as possible is to keep up to date with the most recent version of the software. The current version of InduSoft Web Studio is version 8.1 + SP2.

It is always recommended that the latest version of the software be used in order to receive security updates and the latest patches. If you already have InduSoft Web Studio 8.1, updates to 8.1 + SP 2 are absolutely free! Maintenance agreements are another way to ensure that your software is always up to date and includes the latest security features.

Upgrading your InduSoft Web Studio HMI software is always easy. With backward compatibility since 1997, you can easily modernize your HMI or SCADA application without additional development resources. Protect your data and ensure support over the entire lifecycle of your system.

InduSoft Web Studio Maintenance Agreements

Want guaranteed free upgrades to new versions of InduSoft Web Studio for a full year and VIP service from InduSoft technical support? With pricing scaled to your licensing costs, maintenance agreements are a cost-effective way to ensure you’ll always get priority support for yourself or your customers and that you’ll always be working with the best and most secure version of InduSoft Web Studio.

When purchased along with your license, maintenance agreements are priced at 20% of the associated license cost, and offer the ability to jump into the express lane for technical support. Save money with free upgrades to new versions of InduSoft Web Studio. Once you’ve upgraded all future service packs and patches for your current version are included free of charge!

With major upgrades to the software arriving every two years on average, maintenance agreements are an excellent way to ensure you never pay full price for new versions of your SCADA/HMI software. InduSoft Web Studio is always 100% backward compatible, so your investment in application development time is always protected, and the quick support included in the maintenance agreement means you or your customers can upgrade without worry and without missing a beat.

Take advantage of this deal now!  Call or e-mail your InduSoft sales representative for a quote, and start taking advantage of the benefits of faster service and always up-to-date SCADA/HMI software.

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