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InduSoft Web Studio Symbol of the Week: Two Button Label Switch

This two button switch sets a tag as a 0 or 1, depending on the button pressed. The label plate changes color depending on the state of the tag along with the 0/1 button colors themselves. This switch is ideal for showing status in binary format.

Download this symbol for InduSoft Web Studio

Name: TwoButtonLabelSwitch.sym

Range: 0 to 1

Properties: TagName, Label


  1. This symbol contains only native IWS objects.
  2. This symbol uses transparency and requires that Enhanced graphics be turned on under Project – Viewer settings.

Ideas for improvement:

  1. Add different colors
  2. Add different sizes

Here’s how to use this symbol:
Copy the .sym file into your Symbol folder of where InduSoft Web Studio is installed. This is usually “C:\Program Files (x86)\Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio v8.0\Symbol” or similar. Either create a new folder or copy it into an existing one, such as “Switches”.

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