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Studying up on CyberSecurity

Cyber Security is probably the largest threat and greatest barrier the industrial automation industry faces. The technology exists to create automated and interconnected machines with ease, but until we can trust and protect the data gathered, automation can never reach its full potential.

Rather than act as scaremongers, we’d like to introduce some ways that those interested in cybersecurity can study how to detect, prevent, and understand cybersecurity threats both now and in the future. Because the methods of cyber-attacks will always change, it’s important that learning how to prevent them is a continual education process.

The NSA Day of Cyber

The NSA Day of Cyber is an interactive, self-guided, and fully automated career experience and is free for all registrants for a year.

The NSA Day Of Cyber is a national initiative designed to raise the National IQ for STEM and Cyber Science careers by inspiring the next generation of students through a self-guided interactive, online cybersecurity awareness experience called LifeJourney.

The fully automated online experience enables students to test-drive their future by living a day in the life of six NSA Cyber leaders.


“CyberSecurity Guidance for Industrial Automation”  and Recent “Cybersecurity Concerns and How to Protect SCADA/HMI Applications” Webinars


Start by taking cybersecurity best practices and implementing them in your automation systems. As cybersecurity threats increase, there is a growing imperative to improve the safeguards that protect corporate data and critical infrastructure. Join us for a talk with our guest, Stephen Miller of Eastern New Mexico University-Ruidoso Cyber Security Center of Excellence, and hear from InduSoft cybersecurity experts on how best to design and protect HMI/SCADA applications in today’s connected industrial environment.

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There are new threats to cybersecurity for HMI/SCADA applications every week, and it can be difficult to stay on top of current threats and concerns. InduSoft is here to help, with an analysis of recent cybersecurity threats and how to take steps to protect SCADA/HMI systems from the vulnerabilities they seek to exploit. We will also be discussing the security features available in InduSoft Web Studio and how to take advantage of them to create the most stable, secure HMI or SCADA application possible.

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Cybersecurity E-books


InduSoft Application Design and SCADA Deployment Recommendations for Industrial Control System Security – This eBook provides guidance when building and implementing HMI and SCADA systems, and describes best practices to secure them against cyber-attacks and known vulnerabilities.

Framework for SCADA Cybersecurity – This eBook will provide Critical Infrastructure customers and academic students an understanding of the NIST Cybersecurity Critical Infrastructure Framework and how to apply the framework to new and existing SCADA applications and implementations.

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