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Tips for Designing Multitouch HMI Applications in InduSoft Web Studio

Designing a top-notch interface for a touch-screen panel PC involves some careful planning. In addition to designing an HMI that is easy to use and intuitive, developers should also bear the medium in mind. Touch-screen technology represents some unique challenges to interface design, but by paying attention to details such as the physical environment the workspace and by adding in a margin of error, developers can design truly effective HMIs for touch-screen PCs. Continue reading

O InduSoft Web Studio Oferece o Único OPC UA Client Certificado em Laboratório

Como um dos membros originais da OPC Foundation, a InduSoft trabalhou duro para oferecer um software supervisório compatível com OPC. O InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 foi recentemente certificado em laboratório para garantir a compatibilidade com OPC, e atualmente é a única plataforma IHM/SCADA que foi certificada para OPC UA Client. Além disso, o InduSoft Web Studio foi também certificado para OPC Standard Client e OPC DataAccess Client. Continue reading

InduSoft Updates Three New Drivers: ALFA, LAMIX, and MISTIC

InduSoft has updated three of its drivers this week to offer additional features for InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software users. These, or any of InduSoft’s more than 240 drivers can be downloaded on the SCADA driver download page. The software itself can also be downloaded for free, with 40 hours of development time available during the trial. Here are the most recent driver updates: Continue reading

Get Full Access to your InduSoft Web Studio SCADA Application From Your Android or iPhone

InduSoft Web Studio supports a full featured version of IWS for Windows CE and Windows Embedded editions. The SCADA Software can also be used as a web thin client on Windows smartphones and tablets, or in the Internet Explorer browser. But how can you get full visualization for your project when using an Android phone or tablet or an iOS device like the iPhone, iPod Touch, or the iPad? By using a remote desktop application, you can take full advantage of all the features of InduSoft Web Studio projects without using a Windows based device. Continue reading

Why OEMs Are Choosing InduSoft Web Studio for Microsoft Embedded Equipment

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have a wide variety of choices in SCADA and HMI software to use in designing solutions for customers. InduSoft Web Studio is an excellent option for OEMs using equipment running a Microsoft Embedded operating system for a variety of reasons, including: feature-rich SCADA/HMI software that has a small footprint, continued support for the operating system, and easy connectivity with built-in drivers and OPC support. Continue reading

InduSoft Still Going Strong for Texas Drag Racer Trevor Stripling

It’s easy to take InduSoft Web Studio off the plant floor and use it in nearly any data acquisition application. One of the most exciting uses of this SCADA Software comes from Trevor Stripling, who used InduSoft web Studio to set a world record, and continues to use it today.

Continue reading

The InduSoft Web Thin Client

The InduSoft Web Thin Client is a powerful tool for getting access to SCADA and HMI applications designed in InduSoft Web Studio remotely. The web thin client is especially valuable to plant managers who wish to view a process while in an office or using a smartphone or PDA. OEMs may also benefit from providing a web thin client for use in viewing the HMIs used in equipment. Continue reading

The future of Windows CE

It has recently been announced that the next version of Windows CE will be named Windows Embedded Compact 7 in the next generation of Microsoft operating systems. The Windows Embedded Compact 7 version will have all the features of Windows CE, as well as including Silverlight for Windows Embedded, Internet Explorer Embedded, connection managers, Microsoft office and PDF viewers, and more. Continue reading

What’s in the Future of Windows CE and InduSoft?

InduSoft was the first HMI or SCADA software solution on the market to include a fully functioning Windows CE solution. The small footprint of InduSoft Web Studio CEView and EmbeddedView pairs all the features of InduSoft Web Studio in a great software package that deploys as easily on any supported Windows operating system, from Windows CE to Windows Server editions, Windows 7, windows Vista, and more. Continue reading