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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Cybersecurity for Intelligent Systems

For this Cybersecurity Awareness Month, InduSoft would like to leave you with some practical thoughts and ideas on Cybersecurity that you could incorporate into your InduSoft Web Studio HMI and SCADA projects. For those of you who want to think about these concepts or are already on-board with making your applications cybersecure; these topics and ideas may help you solidify your project design plans. Continue reading

InduSoft Web Studio stellt im SPS Magazin HTML5 und Multi-Touch vor

InduSoft Web Studio ist in der Oktober-Ausgabe vom SPS Magazin in Deutschland mit einem Artikel über die Verwendung von HTML5- und Multi-Touch-Technologien. Diesen bieten mehr Optionen für den mobilen Zugriff auf HMI-Anwendungen für Maschinen und Embedded-Systeme. Lesen Sie den ganzen … Continue reading

Registrieren Sie sich für die Software Konferenz & das Technik Symposium in Dallas, TX

InduSoft wird bei Invensys Software Konferenz und Technik Symposium im Oktober diesen Jahres in Dallas, TX teilnehmen. InduSoft veranstaltet zwei Breakout-Sessions, und zeigt die Fähigkeiten von InduSoft Web Studio an einem Stand auf der Veranstaltung. Auf dem Symposium können sich die … Continue reading

The History of Today’s Intelligent Embedded Systems

A few decades ago, each machine or process was controlled locally and individually, creating what was called “islands of automation”. Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) – formerly known as Man-Machine Interfaces (MMIs) – had a purely operational focus, and no ability to communicate with one another, or share information to a broader system. Continue reading

Exciting Future: InduSoft is Now an Invensys Company!

It is with great pleasure, and much excitement that we announce Invensys’ acquisition of InduSoft. This partnership was created to work on the strength of two powerful industrial automation software providers to serve customers worldwide, and form a stronger framework for developing and supporting the InduSoft products that you know and love. Continue reading