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Webinar: Registrieren Sie sich für das InduSoft Webinar am 23. Oktober zum Thema OPC UA Konnektivität mit Thomas Burke

InduSoft veranstaltet ein Webinar am 23. Oktober und präsentiert, wie OPC UA Standards Auswirkungen auf die HMI- und Embedded-Markt haben werden! Sehen Sie wie wir über OPC Konnektivität in InduSoft Web Studio diskutieren. Thomas Burke, Präsident der OPC Foundation, wird … Continue reading

Webinar: Conectividade OPC UA com o InduSoft Web Studio e a OPC Foundation

A InduSoft esta extremamente focada em criar uma plataforma flexivel para aplicações IHM e embedded que podem tirar vantagem dos padrões de comunicação globais como é o OPC. Como membro da OPC Foundation, a InduSoft entende a importância do OPC, e particularmente do OPC UA no futuro da automação. Participe com a InduSoft de um webinar informativo sobre a conectividade OPC e OPC UA, e entenda como o OPC esta mudando o futuro da interoperabilidade. Continue reading

O InduSoft Web Studio Oferece o Único OPC UA Client Certificado em Laboratório

Como um dos membros originais da OPC Foundation, a InduSoft trabalhou duro para oferecer um software supervisório compatível com OPC. O InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 foi recentemente certificado em laboratório para garantir a compatibilidade com OPC, e atualmente é a única plataforma IHM/SCADA que foi certificada para OPC UA Client. Além disso, o InduSoft Web Studio foi também certificado para OPC Standard Client e OPC DataAccess Client. Continue reading

InduSoft erneuert Zertifizierung für OPC Compliance Test

InduSoft hat eine erneute Zertifizierung der OPC Foundation für die SCADA/HMI-Software InduSoft Web Studio erhalten. Die erneute Zertifizierung wurde für die erfolgreiche Durchführung der OPC Exzellenz in Compliance, Interoperabilität und Robustheit in dem OPC Foundation Zertifizierungs-Testlabor vergeben. Die OPC-Profile in … Continue reading

OPC Foundation President and Executive Director Thomas Burke Highlights InduSoft Participation in OPC Technology Summit 2012

Thomas J. Burke, OPC Foundation President and Executive Director summarized his thoughts on InduSoft participation in the recent OPC Foundation Technology Summit. Continue reading

InduSoft Sponsoring OPC Day 2012

InduSoft is sponsoring OPC Day, Wednesday May 16, 2012. OPC Day is targeted toward both OPC members and non-members, and will take place at Endress + Hauser in Reinarch, Switzerland.

InduSoft has long been a supporter of OPC solutions, in addition to the 240 plus native drivers included with InduSoft Web Studio. The HMI and SCADA software platform supports OPC Classic (DA and HDA), as well as OPC UA, OPC .NET 3.0, and offers and OPC XML add-on. Continue reading

InduSoft Demonstrates OPC XML Addon to InduSoft Web Studio at the European Interoperability Workshop in Nürnberg

InduSoft is currently at the European OPC Interoperability Workshop in Nürnberg to test InduSoft Web Studio v7.0+SP1. The new OPC XML module available as an add-on to Service Pack 1 has been has been validated to work with other OPC product vendors during this event. Continue reading

How to Get the Best SCADA Software Connectivity

One critical factor in deciding which SCADA software solution to use for a system upgrade or a new SCADA system is the ability of the software to connect easily with the machinery and hardware already in place. If you intend to update all, or part of your SCADA system, adding disparate machinery from different manufacturers, or upgrading some machines, and leaving some legacy hardware, then it’s important to fins a SCADA software solution that will easily connect with hardware from all major manufactures. Continue reading

Join InduSoft at the SPS / IPC / DRIVES Show in Nuremberg Germany!

The SPS / IPC / DRIVES Tradeshow will take place on November 22nd -24th in Nuremberg Germany. This event showcases the full range of electrical automation solutions. This tradeshow will demonstrate all the components necessary for complete systems and integrated automation solutions. Come see InduSoft in action at this event, in the OPC foundation booth! Continue reading