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InduSoft Makes Appearance in Control Engineering Polska

InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software is featured in the recent edition of Control Engineering Polska. This article details the release of InduSoft Web Studio v7.1, as well as other great network solutions available through InduSoft Web Studio. The focus of this magazine is mobile workers. Continue reading

Want to Add Instant Value to Your SCADA/HMI Solution? Add Mobile Support!

In the competitive world of systems integration and machine building, it’s important to have an added value or service that puts you ahead of the competition. Even if all things are equal, a feature with tangible value can really help you sell your solution over that of a competitor. One popular way we’ve seen InduSoft Web Studio users up their game is to offer a fully integrated mobile solution on a smartphone or tablet device that allows machine operators to view and (optionally) interact with their mobile HMI away from the machine, or allows floor managers access to critical process data from an office, or even from home. Continue reading

Test Drive InduSoft on the Cloud!

InduSoft has been testing new features that will allow customers to have a full SCADA solution on the cloud, regardless of the type of device they use, including iPad, Android tablets, or Windows devices. We have configured a virtual machine on the cloud to run the PCDemo application. We configured a second virtual machine on the cloud to run “Secure Viewer Thin Client” (connected to the server) and to support multiple remote desktop connections (windows terminal services). Using this solution, you can launch independent instances of the Secure Viewer Thin Client from any device that provides a remote desktop application, such as the iPad or an Android OS device. Continue reading

Take Advantage of the Telemetry Functions of InduSoft Web Studio for Remote SCADA Applications

Remote SCADA access can be as simple as bringing the data from the plant floor to an office over a web thin client utilizing a browser, or it can be as complex as monitoring remote sites located in harsh terrain from devices ranging from industrial PCs to ruggedized PCs. Telemetry and cloud based SCADA applications are an increasingly viable option with remote communication capabilities like those built into InduSoft Web Studio. Continue reading

The InduSoft Web Thin Client

The InduSoft Web Thin Client is a powerful tool for getting access to SCADA and HMI applications designed in InduSoft Web Studio remotely. The web thin client is especially valuable to plant managers who wish to view a process while in an office or using a smartphone or PDA. OEMs may also benefit from providing a web thin client for use in viewing the HMIs used in equipment. Continue reading

New InduSoft Video: Creating a Remote HMI SCADA Application

InduSoft has released a new video! Learn how to quickly and easily create a remote SCADA application using InduSoft Web Studio and the web thin client. This simple tutorial takes minutes to master, and can offer you amazing portability in your application. Use the web based SCADA or HMI solution on remote PCs enabled with an Internet Explorer web browser, or even take your HMI or SCADA application on the go with a Windows based smartphone or tablet that runs IE. Continue reading

Using a Modem and TCP/IP Encapsulation with InduSoft Web Studio Drivers

As we discussed recently, the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software is capable of encapsulating protocols within different physical layers in order to send information from the computer in which the SCADA software is installed and the PLC or RTU connected to the machine. These physical layers may be Ethernet, Serial RS-232, RS-485, or even Bluetooth or modem connections when a converter is used. In some cases, a modem is the most efficient type of physical layer through which to transmit protocols. By using the drivers available in InduSoft Web Studio, it is possible to connect the SCADA application to the modem through the driver, and then send data anywhere across phone lines. Continue reading

Making use of TCP/IP Encapsulation with InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software

There are many important uses of TCP/IP encapsulation in SCADA applications, but two of the most important are those such as a Web Tunneling Gateway, and communication driver encapsulation. Both serve very necessary purposes in remote and wireless SCADA applications. Continue reading

From Oil and Gas SCADA to Solar SCADA and Wind technology, Data Acquisition Software has come a long way!

The energy automation market has really taken off over the past few decades, with Oil and Gas SCADA users slowly making room in the market for alternative energy resources, like Solar SCADA, natural gas SCADA, and wind SCADA. Here is some information on how energy companies use SCADA software to monitor energy production. Continue reading