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InduSoft Symbol of the Week and Tutorial Video: 15 Minute Andon Application

This Andon tutorial can be used to set up a professional looking Andon digital signage application for InduSoft Web Studio in as less than 15 minutes.  This kind of application is ideal for digital signage, manufacturing dashboards, and production monitoring, and is accomplished very quickly using InduSoft Web Studio. Andon dashboards make it easy to monitor machine performance, line status or production values in real time, on a large screen. Use high definition (HD) monitors, or multi-monitor video walls and InduSoft Web Studio’s features to show production status many meters away. Applications like simple Andon dashboards can improve the efficiency of your production or ensure better quality with less waste by measuring machine key performance indicators. Continue reading

The History of CES and the Role of Consumer Electronics in Industrial Automation

This week’s CES in Las Vegas is a showcase for the electronics that may become a part of our increasingly intelligent and interconnected systems. This year, for example, has brought another wave of miniaturized computers that can be plugged into a TV or monitor, such as Intel’s Compute Card. While this is an exciting release for consumers, we may also rapidly see it in the automation industry, where it can provide easily implemented Andon solutions and OEE to large-formate LED screens. CES has seen the introduction of consumer and industrial drones, new displays, and new interfaces for interacting with machines (assuming any of what’s shown there takes hold). Continue reading