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When Industrial Automation Intersects Video Games

As long as there have been computers we’ve been finding ways to turn software into entertainment. The result of the innovation poured into creating video games has resulted in interesting ways to interact with and use our machines that are being applied to industrial settings. Here we’ve explored a few of the ways that industrial automation and modern video games have borrowed from and intersected with one another, and how video games may offer clues about what we can expect from industrial software in the future. Continue reading

InduSoft Would Like to Welcome Benis Automation As a New Resource For Canada

InduSoft announced today that Benis Automation has been appointed as an Independent Sales Representative throughout Canada.

Benis Automation President Scott Gray brings with him over twenty four years of experience in the field of industrial automation. He worked for Ontor Limited as an applications manager, specializing in HMI and SCADA products and spent over five years with Xycom and Pro-face America, which is now a part of Schneider Electric. Scott Gray has vast experience in the oil and gas and automotive industries. Continue reading