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Hitting Renewable Energy Milestones with InduSoft Web Studio

With the push around the world to invest in renewable energy sources, the best SCADA software companies are working to create solutions for renewable energy markets. InduSoft has made great strides in becoming an integral part of all levels of the renewable energy market, from the smallest HMI and RTU applications, to massive server-scale SCADA systems. Continue reading

A Trip Through the Automation Graveyard – Beware the Zombies!

Automation is an industry that is constantly changing as technology changes. Some hardware and software platforms adapt, but others become obsolete and are consigned to the automation graveyard. This year, InduSoft decided to take a look at some of the technological occupants of the Automation Graveyard – and at a few of the zombies that died a long time ago, but linger on in the form of legacy systems that refuse to be laid to rest! Continue reading

Last Chance to Vote for InduSoft in the Control Engineering Engineer’s Choice Awards for 2012

InduSoft Web Studio is currently in the running for Control Engineering’s Engineer’s Choice Awards for 2012. InduSoft won this award in 2006, 2010, and received an honorable mention in 2011. With the new v7 + SP1, InduSoft is aiming for this goal of being the best SCADA software package once more. Continue reading

What makes InduSoft Web Studio so Flexible?

The key technology that makes InduSoft so flexible is the layer of abstraction between the application, the plant-level data and any external software. InduSoft Web Studio provides a layer of abstraction for communication with hardware, such as PLCs, making it easy, for example, to change from a PLC to a Soft PLC merely by adjusting the driver sheet data. Continue reading

Bring InduSoft from the Plant Floor to the Boardroom with RealTime Performance Management

In any business, the ability to make decisions based on up-to-date information is vital. Allocation of assets, efficiency of operations, and increased productivity are all benefits that can be achieved by implementing a realtime monitoring solution using InduSoft Web Studio. The same SCADA software used to power machine HMIs, SCADA solutions, and Overall Equipment Efficiency dashboards (OEE) can also be used to provide upper level management the dashboards needed to get a snapshot view of current information, or explore trends over time. Continue reading

See InduSoft in Industrial Automation Asia May 2011

InduSoft appears once more in Industrial Automation Asia magazine (page 27). Be sure to look for InduSoft, and check out the article on how you can localize OEE and MES software to meet customer needs. Continue reading

How to Get the Best SCADA Software Connectivity

One critical factor in deciding which SCADA software solution to use for a system upgrade or a new SCADA system is the ability of the software to connect easily with the machinery and hardware already in place. If you intend to update all, or part of your SCADA system, adding disparate machinery from different manufacturers, or upgrading some machines, and leaving some legacy hardware, then it’s important to fins a SCADA software solution that will easily connect with hardware from all major manufactures. Continue reading

Why OEMs Are Choosing InduSoft Web Studio for Microsoft Embedded Equipment

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have a wide variety of choices in SCADA and HMI software to use in designing solutions for customers. InduSoft Web Studio is an excellent option for OEMs using equipment running a Microsoft Embedded operating system for a variety of reasons, including: feature-rich SCADA/HMI software that has a small footprint, continued support for the operating system, and easy connectivity with built-in drivers and OPC support. Continue reading