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InduSoft Releases New Case Study in the Food and Beverage Industry – Stock America

Stock America uses the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software to develop HMI applications for their Retort and Sterilization machines used in the food and beverage industry. These applications are designed to be FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, and the applications make use of great InduSoft tools, like patented database connectivity and the use of web thin clients. Continue reading

Common Complaints in Machine Monitoring, and What to Do About Them

Many machine owners are tired of writing and developing their own software to monitor machines. Here are some common problems machine operators encounter, and how to combat them. Continue reading

The Power of Connectivity in SCADA Software

When InduSoft asks users about their favorite aspect of InduSoft Web Studio, a common answer is “flexibility and connectivity.” InduSoft has made our SCADA software the best solution in terms of connectivity and the ease of configuration. What is it about InduSoft Web Studio that makes it so easy to connect? Here are some things to consider Continue reading

The InduSoft Web Studio Event Logger

What makes InduSoft Web Studio such a unique SCADA software package is the fact that all necessary tools such as trends, reports, recipes, and database connectivity are all included within the software. One important built-in feature of IWS is the Event Logger, which records and logs a variety of events. Continue reading

Use Shortcuts in InduSoft Web Studio to Save Time in Development

Within the InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software package, there are a few great shortcuts that can help developers save time and work more efficiently while developing SCADA and HMI applications for process monitoring and equipment interfaces. Many of these shortcuts are consistent with those in Windows operating systems and Microsoft products, so they can be easily implemented while developing InduSoft based applications. Continue reading

Third Party Tools to Complement InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft Web Studio is a powerful and versatile SCADA software solution with many exceptional functions and capabilities. While it’s easy to develop great looking, full SCADA and HMI applications within the development environment of InduSoft Web Studio, there are some third party software solutions that will help some users create even more dynamic applications for their HMI and SCADA systems. These software tools are not supported by InduSoft, and we do not sell or promote them. They exist as additional tools that our users have found beneficial for specific projects. We’d love to hear your suggestions for additional tools that you have found useful in developing applications within the InduSoft SCADA software! Continue reading

InduSoft Takes Honorable Mention for Best HMI Software in Engineer’s Choice Award

InduSoft, which won three awards in 2010 for HMI and SCADA software, gets another nod in 2011 with the Engineer’s Choice awards. This honorable mention for the best HMI software is one of many from Control Engineering. InduSoft is proud to continue this tradition by releasing the best SCADA software on the market. Continue reading

Designing an Efficient HMI/SCADA Application

With the help of a great SCADA software like InduSoft Web Studio, SCADA and HMI software are becoming much the same thing, with scalable SCADA and HMI applications increasingly able to take the role of either supervisory functions or machine controls and HMI applications. HMIs are no longer specialized electronics designed only to communicate with specific machines. With a powerful software like InduSoft Web Studio that offers over 240 native built-in drivers, it’s easier than ever to create HMI and SCADA applications that can easily be configured to work with a variety of machines in an infinite number of configurations. Continue reading

SCADA Definition Glossary – More Terms from the SCADA HMI Software Industry

Recently on the blog, with articles regarding thin clients like the secure viewer, it’s important that the issue of Redundancy also be addressed. Any time your application is critical or you are using thin clients, it’s important to have redundancy in place. To ensure your operations continue to run smoothly, you need some form of redundancy. Here are a few of the terms related to redundancy, and what they mean for SCADA software users. Continue reading

The Secure Viewer Thin Client for InduSoft Web Studio

A frequent topic of conversation among InduSoft Web Studio users is the Secure Viewer thin client, and how it compares to or differs from the other Thin Clients supported by InduSoft, such as the Web Thin Client, and the SMA (Studio Mobile Access) Thin Client. Continue reading