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The Intelligent Building Automation Market Set to Reach 88 Billion by 2022

The Global Intelligent Building Automation Technologies, which reached $63.48 billion in 2015, is expected to swell to an $88.27 billion industry within five years. Growth is driven primarily by factors such as security, energy efficiency, and sustainability. The rise of the IoT is linking more building automation systems together, in order to help facilities reap the benefits of interconnected intelligent systems. Examples include correlative data between traffic and use of facilities can help management determine how best to allocate energy resources and security. Continue reading

Join InduSoft This Wednesday for a Home Automation Webinar

As smart homes and energy conserving building automation systems are increasing in demand, the need for SCADA software capable of creating automated homes and facilities is on the rise. Join InduSoft this Wednesday, for a webinar in which we explore a real-world application of home automation. Continue reading

View the full Building Automation and Energy Management Webinar

InduSoft would like to thank everyone who attended the Building Automation and Energy Management webinar hosted by InduSoft yesterday. If you missed it, don’t worry! You can see the full webinar video on the InduSoft website. Continue reading

Planning Your Next Building Automation Management System with InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft Web Studio is an easy to use SCADA and HMI development software that has served dozens of industries. One industry that frequently uses InduSoft as their SCADA software development platform is that of building automation. Because InduSoft is designed to communicate with such a wide variety of devices, it’s an ideal solution for projects like building management systems, which may rely on hardware components from many different vendors. InduSoft interfaces with disparate systems, such as HVAC, lighting, security access controls, and electrical equipment. Continue reading

Want to know more about Building automation software? Check out the new case study.

Contemp, a company in Brazil has been putting InduSoft Web Studio to very good use as a custom temperature automation application. For this job, Contemp required some heavy-duty HMI SCADA software with an easy to use interface. They also needed an affordable HMI. That’s where InduSoft Web Studio came in. Continue reading