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Ihre Teilnahme am Programm der InduSoft Zertifizierten Systemintegratoren

InduSoft bietet ein Programm für InduSoft Web Studio Zertifizierte Systemintegratoren. Systemintegratoren pflegen ihre Zertifizierung im InduSoft SCADA-Plattform durch den Nachweis ihrer Kompetenz durch Prüfungen oder legen ein „Proof of Concept“ durch Vorlage einer InduSoft Anwendung. Um einen kompetenten und zertifizierten … Continue reading

InduSoft Welcomes Two New Certified System Integrators, Elmon and ENMOS

Austin, Texas (InduSoft) November 1, 2011 – InduSoft has recently added two new international certified system integrators, Elmon and ENMOS. Elmon is a company based in the Netherlands. They specialize in electrical design, panel building, programming, installation, and system integration of electrical control systems. Industries Elmon serves include: Chemical, Water treatment, Generator-sets, and Process-manufacturing. Continue reading

See IWS SCADA solutions at the Midwest Ag-Industries Exposition (MAGIE) 2010

“We use InduSoft Web Studio for fertilizer batching and handling processes, and are beginning to make use of its database and web access capabilities. We chose to use IWS, because this software works from small applications to very large ones, and eliminated the need for multiple SCADA systems.” Continue reading

Newest Certified SCADA Integrator for InduSoft Web Studio SCADA System

InduSoft is pleased to welcome LR Automation and Integration Services as our newest Certified Systems Integrator. LR Automation and Integration services has operated in numerous industries, including Automotive, Food and Beverage, Mining, Packaging, Material Handling, and Metal Processing. Continue reading