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InduSoft veröffentlicht neues White Paper: Cloud Computing für SCADA

InduSoft entwickelt und veröffentlicht ein neues Whitepaper “Cloud Computing für SCADA.” Dieses Papier kann dazu dienen, einige Fragen und Bedenken über die Nutzung der Cloud für SCADA / HMI-Anwendungen zu beantworten. Dieses Whitepaper erläutert die Unterschiede zwischen der öffentlichen und … Continue reading

InduSoft Has Added Two New Case Studies – Oil and Gas SCADA in the Cloud and Switchgear HMI

InduSoft has added two new case studies for users who want to see real-world applications of InduSoft Web Studio SCADA software in various industries. Here’s what you can expect to find in these exciting applications: Continue reading

See the Powerpoint from the Cloud SCADA Webinar

The Cloud computing webinar was a great hit! Darryl Vipond of Vipond Controls was an excellent presenter, and we got a lot of great information about using SCADA in the cloud. You can view the presentation from this webinar now, … Continue reading

Protect Remote Terminal Units for Better SCADA Security

As web-based SCADA, cloud technology, and remote access to SCADA and HMI systems becomes more widespread, there’s a move toward managing remote SCADA systems from across buildings, or even across town. With SCADA security an omnipresent concern, how can supervisors protect their Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) from direct or indirect malicious attacks and negligence? Here are some best practices to protect access to RTUs, both through physical security and the SCADA/HMI security built into SCADA software like InduSoft Web Studio. Continue reading