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The Growing Ransomware Economy and How To Defend Against It

Last year, Ransomware payments reached a billion dollars – an increase of over 4,000% from the previous year. We learned in Carbon Black’s recent report on the ransomware economy that those staggering numbers may only represent the tip of the iceberg.  Continue reading

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework from an Automation and Control Systems Perspective

When reading about the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) directive by Executive Order 13636 to improve critical infrastructure cybersecurity, many, if not most, Control System Engineers and System Integrators just glaze over and turn the page in order to get to a more interesting topic. They may not think it’s their job, or even that learning about the subject might be in their best interest. The current thinking about Control System Security from the point of view of some engineers is to “not think about it” and it will go away… or to “give it to IT” and not worry about it again, or “the customer didn’t pay for it, so I am not going to address it because it is outside the project scope”. Continue reading

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Cybersecurity for Intelligent Systems

For this Cybersecurity Awareness Month, InduSoft would like to leave you with some practical thoughts and ideas on Cybersecurity that you could incorporate into your InduSoft Web Studio HMI and SCADA projects. For those of you who want to think about these concepts or are already on-board with making your applications cybersecure; these topics and ideas may help you solidify your project design plans. Continue reading

A Short History of Malware Leading to Stuxnet

Following two widely publicized hacks on the DNC and DCCC in the past weeks, we thought it might be an appropriate time to look at the history of Malware. Attacks like these show that everyone is vulnerable to attacks, and it’s important to be aware of risk factors in order to mitigate the chances of a cyberattack as much as possible. Continue reading

Protecting Internet-Facing HMI Systems

In late 2014, ICS-CERT issued a warning about a Trojan malware called BlackEnergy that has been affecting systems since 2011. While this particular virus attacked General Electric’s Cimplicity HMI, Siemens’ SIMATIC WinCC and BroadWin’s WebAccess, it served as a reminder that systems that utilize internet connectivity remain open to vulnerability. As the Internet of Things gains traction, the avenues for attacking control systems will only increase. Continue reading

See InduSoft Speak about SCADA/HMI Security at Houston Infragard 2015

Recently one of InduSoft’s Cybersecurity Engineers, Richard Clark, along with Professor Stephen Miller of Eastern New Mexico University – Ruidoso spoke at the February meeting of the Houston Infragard on the subject of  “Cybersecurity Guidance for Industrial Automation in Oil … Continue reading

Besorgt wegen Heartbleed? InduSoft war ebenfalls besorgt.

Schutz und Sicherheit haben höchste Priorität bei der Entwicklung und Verwendung unserer HMI- und SCADA-Software, und wir kümmern uns um den Schutz für alle, die InduSoft Web Studio verwendeen. Seit der Veröffentlichung von The Heartbleed Verwundbarkeit, wissen wir, dass es … Continue reading