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Thursday Podcast: Paulo Guerra on the InduSoft Educational Program

Today we’re speaking with Paulo Guerra, who helped develop the educational edition of InduSoft Web Studio. Paulo graduated with a degree in Control Engineering in 2008 while working with system integrators with a big focus on software development for SCADA, HMI, and other proprietary systems. Paulo joined InduSoft in Brazil in 2010, working with support, QA, and the consulting services team. Paulo created the InduSoft Web Studio educational program, and assisted in development of the InduSoft Web Studio Educational version of the product. He transferred to the USA in 2013, and has worked with the consulting services team to specify, manage, and develop SCADA/HMI templates for wide array of industries. Paulo is now head of the consulting services team at InduSoft. Continue reading

Sample InduSoft Summer Camp Application Available Now

We’ve had some interest in InduSoft Summer Camp 2014, a program where students aged 25 and under can compete to win a Kindle Fire HD!

You can read more about the InduSoft Summer Camp Here. We also invite you to check out the first application! This one was created by Scott Kortier to give you an idea of some of the things you can create using InduSoft Web Studio.

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