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Choosing between InduSoft Web Studio, CEView, and EmbeddedView for your HMI Application

InduSoft Web Studio is an integrated development environment, which allows you to design, develop, troubleshoot, and maintain HMI/SCADA applications and deploy them into different platforms (operating systems). Even though the development environment (and the application) is the same for any platform, InduSoft offers different runtime editions suitable for technical and commercial constraints on each platform: InduSoft Web Studio (full) runtime, EmbeddedView runtime, and CEView runtime. Here is a quick comparison of these runtime editions in order to help you better chose the version you need. Continue reading

The Benefits of Utilizing an Embedded HMI

In many machines, the standard way to access and communicate with a machine revolves around either an isolated, single-purpose interface with limited functionality, or a more robust, but less convenient PC-based SCADA system that not only required an industrial PC, but a separate monitor to interface with it. Continue reading

InduSoft’s Top Tech Predictions for the 2014 Automation Industry

Predictions about the top tech trends in any given year usually follow a predictable trajectory; smaller and more powerful processors, wider adoption of standards already in use, and better connectivity. In 2014, however, InduSoft expects to see something of a revolution happening within the automation industry, driven by the habits of consumers now, coupled with the new expectations and demands of the next generation of automation and manufacturing. Here are some of InduSoft’s predictions for trends that will truly make an impact on the shape of automation in 2014: Continue reading

The History of Today’s Intelligent Embedded Systems

A few decades ago, each machine or process was controlled locally and individually, creating what was called “islands of automation”. Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) – formerly known as Man-Machine Interfaces (MMIs) – had a purely operational focus, and no ability to communicate with one another, or share information to a broader system. Continue reading

InduSoft ist Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

InduSoft ist seit über neun Jahren Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Diese Partnerschaft mit Microsoft sorgt dafür, dass InduSoft alle Top-Tools und Ressourcen zur Verfügung stehen, um eine vollständig Windows-kompatible SCADA Software Lösung zu erstellen. Wegen der Partnerschaft von InduSoft mit Microsoft, war InduSoft in … Continue reading

Using InduSoft EmbeddedView on Embedded Computers

Many current computers that handle functions such as kiosks, directional assistance (way finding), digital signage, industrial applications, control systems, Point of Sale (POS), building automation, hospitality or government applications operate on an embedded operating system like Windows Embedded XP or Windows Embedded Standard 7. These computers need special SCADA software especially designed for use in embedded systems. Continue reading

From Embedded HMI software to Remote Terminal Units – Dig deeper into SCADA/HMI software!

Every Friday, we like to do some little blog posts that explain some of the acronyms and jargon inherent in the SCADA and HMI software world. Today, the discussion focuses on some important terms like RTU, Embedded operating systems and Modbus protocols. Continue reading

What to be excited about in InduSoft Web Studio v.7.0

InduSoft Web Studio version 7.0 is gearing up for release in September. Current users of IWS certainly won’t be disappointed, nor will new users who are testing the 7.0 SCADA demo software for the first time. There are a lot of great new features available in 7.0, from an advanced user interface to OPC compatibility, and multi-language support. Continue reading

A Revolution in Mobile SCADA and web based HMI!

Did you know that InduSoft was the very first HMI SCADA software to support the Windows CE operating system and its supported platforms? This was a revolutionary move in wireless SCADA and remote HMI, and now InduSoft CEView commands a huge user base. Continue reading