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The Internet of Things’ Role in Last Week’s DDoS Attacks and How to Protect your Systems

As more details emerge about last week’s massive DDoS attack against DNS Dyn, it’s clear that the lax security in IoT devices is a part of what enabled such a massive attack. While DDoS attacks may not be as serious as data theft or breaches, the events on Friday give us a stark reminder that the IoT is made of internet facing devices that should be as secure as any other system. Continue reading

Exciting Future: InduSoft is Now an Invensys Company!

It is with great pleasure, and much excitement that we announce Invensys’ acquisition of InduSoft. This partnership was created to work on the strength of two powerful industrial automation software providers to serve customers worldwide, and form a stronger framework for developing and supporting the InduSoft products that you know and love. Continue reading