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What to Look Forward to in the Upcoming InduSoft Fall/Winter Webinar Series

The Indusoft team has been working hard developing a webinar series that not only covers broad topics, such as SCADA software best practices, but industry specific topics, such as the upcoming Facilities Automation webinar, which will feature guest speakers who are experts in Building Automation SCADA system design. However, building automation isn’t the only upcoming industry that InduSoft intends to focus on. Also included in our webinar series will be: Continue reading

Planning Your Next Building Automation Management System with InduSoft Web Studio

InduSoft Web Studio is an easy to use SCADA and HMI development software that has served dozens of industries. One industry that frequently uses InduSoft as their SCADA software development platform is that of building automation. Because InduSoft is designed to communicate with such a wide variety of devices, it’s an ideal solution for projects like building management systems, which may rely on hardware components from many different vendors. InduSoft interfaces with disparate systems, such as HVAC, lighting, security access controls, and electrical equipment. Continue reading